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A public-private partnership, Agenda for Children Tomorrow (ACT) promotes the well-being of children, families and neighborhoods in New York City by working to improve services and to strengthen the capacities of communities.
As an intermediary and change agenct, ACT:

  • builds upon and convenes coalitions of organizations and individuals to plan strategically;
  • assists public and nonprofit agencies to be more responsive to the needs and strengths of local communities;
  • promotes integrated and coordinated service delivery structures within, though not exclusively, early child care and education, housing, economic development, child welfare and other health and human services sectors;
  • helps to make services more accessible, available, user-friendly and culturally relevant; and
  • builds the capacities of youth, parents and families to advocate on behalf of themselves and their communities.

Central to the mission is the persistent pursuit of sustainable strategic opportunities to achieve these five goals.

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